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Zanzibar is one of my favourite places in Africa. It is full of flavor, colors, and spices. It has history, beautiful architecture with unique stone houses and featuring magnificent carved doors, culture, gorgeous white beaches, lot of activities, and delicious food.

Unguja, also known as Zanzibar Island, is the main island of the Tanzania.

Zanzibar is called "The Spice Island" due to the number of different spices grown there and it is also famous as the birthplace of Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury.

Stone Town, the main city of Zanzibar, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is often described as a "melting pot" of different cultures, people who have settled here over the ages and who have left their footprint on this island in its architecture, customs, food or religion.

My Top 17 Highlights in Zanzibar:

1. Exploring cosmopolitan Stone Town

2. Walking in the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park - It is the only National Park in Zanzibar, best known for its kirks red colobus monkeys

3. Hanging out at unique The Rock Restaurant in Bwejuu

4. Exploring Pemba Island

5. Snorkeling and diving at Mafia Island

6. Enjoying a Spice Tour

7. Visiting the Prison Island by boat – home to a large population of giant tortoises

8. Snorkeling at Chumbe Island or Tumbatu Island

9. Taking boat to Sandbanks

10. Exploring Kizimkazi and taking the Dolphin Tour

11. Swimming and sunbathing at the white beaches Nungwi, Matemwe,Kendwa or Paje

12. Snorkeling at Nakupenda Beach

13. Visiting Cheetah's Rock

14. Learning about Swahili history at Kuza Cave

15. Snorkeling at Mnemba Island

16. Cycling around the Island

17. Going on a Safari Blue boat trip

The Best Things to Do in Stone Town:

1. Taking a tour in Stone Town

2. Visiting the Old Slave Market/Anglican Cathedral

3. Visiting Freddie Mercury’s birthplace

4. Shopping at the local markets (Darajani market)

5. Exploring the Old Fort

6. Eating at the Rooftop Restaurants

7. Taking a Zanzibar Spice Tour

8. Taking a Swahili Cooking Lesson

10. Watching the sunset on the beach at the Park Hyatt hotel

11. Attending a Stone Town Festival

12. Taking a ferry to Dar es Salam

13. Eating traditional cuisine at the Emerson Spice Hotel

14. Resting at Forodhani Gardens and eating at the local food market

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Oct 12, 2023


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