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What to wear on your Gorilla Trek in Uganda

From my experience from Gorilla and Chimpanzees Trekking in Uganda, preparing for such adventure, can be very consuming, especially when it is time to start packing.

In 2023, as I was preparing for this amazing adventure, as part of my research, I was looking at what people wear when trekking gorillas.

My Top Tips:

1. Assess what clothes you already have and then figure out what else you need to buy.

2. Your existing clothes are often tried and tested, and there is nothing worse than uncomfortable clothes or ill-fitting shoes.

3. Dress in easily removable layers.

4. Make sure your jacket is light and waterproof (including backpack + shoes).

5. Wear long pants that are thick or loose and long-sleeved tops.

6. Choose neutral colors (no red or orange).

7. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and mosquito spray.

8. Prepare for the photo you want to take and make sure your phone and camera are comfortable to carry.

9. Don’t forget to take water and snack.

10. Hiking or walking stick.

Tip: One trek outfit is enough as most lodges have a daily complimentary laundry and will wash your clothes.

This is what your trekking outfit should entail:

· Hiking pants/thick gym pants

· Long sleeve thin top/shirt

· Long sleeve fleece in winter

· Lightweight waterproof jacket

· Long, thick socks that your pants can tuck into

· Boots or shoes with very good grip, made for hiking and ideally waterproof

· Gardening gloves

· Gaiters


· Phone, camera, sunglasses

· Face mask, sunscreen, hat

· Water, snack

· Lip ice, hand sanitizer, mosquito spray

· Tip/gratuity for porters/guides (approx. USD 50 cash)


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